the Paradox of our times

I did some trav­el­ing last few weeks (and obvi­ously not a lot of writ­ing) and while eat­ing at a diner in Ten­nessee I cam across a very inter­est­ing poster on the wall that just speaks to the many rouse I’ve been hav­ing over liv­ing, life and the para­dox of it all:

The para­dox of our times is that we have taller build­ings, but shorter tem­pers, wider free­ways, but nar­rower view­points.
We buy more, but enjoy it less…
We have big­ger houses and smaller fam­i­lies, more con­ve­niences, but less time; we have more advanced “degrees”, but less com­mon sense; more knowl­edge, but less good judg­ment; more med­i­cine, but less well­ness…
We have higher incomes but lower morals. We have been all the way to the moon and back, but have trou­ble cross­ing the street to meet a new neigh­bor.… We’ve con­quered otter space, but inner space is still a mys­tery to mil­lions of us…
We have cleaned up the air, but pol­luted the soul; split the atom, but not our prej­u­dices… We talk too much, love too sel­dom and hate too often… These are times of steep prof­its and shal­low rela­tion­ships; world peace, but domes­tic war­fare, more leisure, but less fun; two incomes, and more divorce…it is a time when there is much in the show win­dow and noth­ing in the stock­room; a time when tech­nol­ogy can bring a let­ter to you in sec­onds , and you can choose to either make a dif­fer­ence or just hit,…DELETE.

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